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A pork hock is the joint between the tibia/fibula and the foot, where the foot was attached to the hog's leg. It is the portion of the leg - also known as pork knuckle - that is neither part of the ham proper nor the foot or ankle, but rather the extreme shank end of the leg bone and the associated skin, fat, tendons, and muscle. Pork hocks are cut from picnic shoulder and are similar to pork shank cross cuts. They contain two round shank bones exposed at both ends and are usually prepared by braising or by cooking in liquid. Pork hocks are commonly mistaken for pigs feet. Pork hock are cut from the shank of leg between the pigs feet and the ham portion of the leg. Pickled pork hocks preserve and bring out the flavor of the pork hock. There are some great pork hock dishes and recipes from all over the world.


Pickled Pork Hocks

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Pickled Pork Hocks

Pickled Pork Hocks are a type of pork associated with cuisine of the Southern United States, African American soul food, as well as Irish cuisine, and Korean cuisine. The feet of hogs are typically salted and smoked in the same manner as other pork cuts, such as hams and bacon. It is common to preserve them in a manner very similar to home canning and processes for pickled vegetables; typically a saturation of hot vinegar brine is used. Such methods allow them to be preserved without the need for refrigeration until the jar is opened. Pigs feet that are pickled are usually consumed as something of a snack or a delicacy rather than as the primary focus of a meal as its meat course. However, pigs feet are not always pickled and in the aforementioned cultures, may be cooked as a part of a meal, often with vinegar and water to preserve their natural flavor. They have a high fat content, with almost an equal portion of saturated fat to protein. As a dish, pigs feet is known as crubeens or crúibíní and jokbal, in Ireland and Korea, respectively.

Pork Hock Snack

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One of the best snacks served at parties, gatherings, and events in the south is pickled pork hocks. Try this delicious snack food for lovers of good food.

Best Brands

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Stone's Smokehouse of Morrisonville, New York produces one of the best pickled pork hocks in the country. Despite being a traditional southern product this northern business perfected the pickled pork hock recipe.

These pork hocks have a succulent sweet and tart flavor. Pickled pork hocks can have tough meat, but Stone's Smokehouse prides themselves on providing tender-to-the-bone hocks. Rarely can you find pickled products done right. Stone's, although a small company, produces one of the nations best pork hocks at very good prices. Pork hock lovers must try this delicious brand of hocks. Click here to read more about Stone's Pickled Pork Hocks.

Good Pork Hock Brands

  • Long Lake Specialty Foods
  • Bay View
  • Mat And Dana
  • Hormel

Pork Tid Bits

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Another great favorite from the pork hock family is pickled pork tidbits. Many companies produce pork tidbits. But again Stone's Smokehouse takes the prize for tenderness, balance of flavor, and price. Click here for more on Stone's Pickled Pork Tidbits.



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